Pneumatic Push Type  Fittings

Mercury is producing one of the Hi Quality Push Type Fittings in India. More than 100 manufacturers are using our Fittings with their equipments. Our Puch Type Fittings Qualities are mentioned below for your convenience.

> One touch push to connect and pull collar for quick disconnect

> Special Design seal on tube O.D. ensures leak proof connection.

> Special steel locking collet

> leak proof swivel joint 360 degree rotation & any orientation of tube.

> Nickel plated metal body ensures anti corrosion.

> Precoated PTFE  sealant on threads.

Types of Push Type Fittings

> Male Connector

> Female Connector

> Union Coupler

> Union Elbow

> Male Elbow

Male Branch Y

> Male Branch T

> Equal Tee

> Male Union Manifold

> Elbow FCV

> Union FCV

> Equal Branch Y

> Equal Cross

> Un -Equal Bulk Head