FRL units are the combination of Filter Regulator and Lubricator. Mercury Fluid Power Pvt. Ltd. is producing and supplying one of finest frl units in India.  We had categorized our  frl units in Metallic and Non Metallic types. All our frl units ports are on British standard pitch .

Our Frl units have some qualities which is mentioned below for your convenience.

> Streamlined modular construction.

> Easy to dismantle & service.

> Leak proof “O” rings joints between units.

> Regulator knob “Push to lock” design.

> Low rate spring and fine pitch thread ensures fine and smooth

regulation of air pressure.

> Semi automatic drain on filter bowl.

> Plastic and Metallic bowl guards.

> Fine pitch, Small taper fine adjustment screw on lubricator

> ensures good control over oil  flow settings.